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Data science consulting and development without the hand-waving
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About Helton

Helton Tech is a boutique software development and consulting company focused on building and planning for data products and data science tooling. We've got extensive experience building and shipping machine learning and data-driven applications at all scales, from MVP to full enterprise solution. Our focus is on early-stage and prototype-phase development work, as well as exploratory consulting in advance of a more concentrated internal development project.

Software Development

We are experienced web and scientific application developers, with specific expertise in building machine learning and predictive analytics software. From prototype to fully featured application, we can help you deliver data products you customers love.

Data Analysis

There is valuable information hiding in your data (and publicly available data), we can help you find it, and make good use of it. We can help you identify and consolidate valuable data sources, and automate their aggregation and analysis.

Technology Consulting

Data science has begun to impact businesses of all sizes. Make sure that you aren't shooting yourself in the foot for next year by making sure you are collecting the right data now. Our flat priced data science readiness audit will help to ensure that your company is laying the right groundwork to stay on the cutting edge for years to come.

Our Services

Check out our services page to see our different offerings. We specialize in very short term, fixed price projects, especially those at idea or prototype stage.

Our Portfolio

Our portfolio page has some previous projects worked on, and links to some open source projects we're working on for reference.

Reach Out

If you're interested in what we've worked on, or think we may be able to help you out with what you're working on, reach out, we'd love to hear from you.